Keeping Your Protein Extracts in Perfect Shape For Your Experiment

For protein experiments, the extraction and preparation of the sample is imperative for the identification of the specific proteins. In order to ensure accurate results, you need your protein intact, fully functional and in native form. The only way you can get detectable or active proteins is by handling your sample with care. Here’s how you can do that: 1. Make Sure It Is Kept Clean) Your proteins are extracted from cells – cell culture or harvested tissues. Either ways, you may need to use a protease in order to disassociate the cells. While this step may be necessary, you need to implement more control. Proteases tend to degrade your proteins; and thus, you must remember to wash off the protease from the disassociated cells BEFORE lysing them. 2. Handle With Due Care Cell lysis, or the breaking down of the membrane of a cell, is usually performed via mechanical, or enzymic means. This is quite a violent affair. How you go about this process will depend on you. Do you plan on performing a native gel to detect the protein bonds, and then fractionate the organelles? You may have to employ special care. For Western blotting, you are allowed more liberty. In order to maintain the biological functionality of the proteins it is imperative to include protease and phosphatase inhibitors to avoid protein degradation. 3. Keep It In Optimum Temperature After the lysing process, the experiment gets crucial; timing is everything. The degradation process begins, and you must do everything you can to slow down this denaturation. One way to go about this is by keeping it cold. As soon as the protein bonds are disrupted, your solutions should be cold. This includes your PBS, detergents and your choice in buffers – be it Hepes buffer, pH 7.4, MES Buffer, pH 6.5 or any other. 4. Choose The Right Buffer As the cells are lysed, the cellular components are in a bit of chaos, so to speak. The kind of buffer you choose is critical here because it will slow down the damage caused by sudden changes. Take into account the kind of cell that you’re working with. Is it yeast, insects, plants or bacteria? Use a gentler buffer for mechanical lysing. Preparing the right formula of buffer can be quite tricky. And making a mistake at this point could mean you’ll have to begin the extraction and preparation phase from scratch. Therefore, ensure that you get this step right. This is why many laboratories attempt to choose pre-made protein extraction buffers. Keep The Sample Fresh Most protease and phosphatase inhibitors are enzymes; thus lose their effectiveness over a period of time. In order to ensure that your favorite proteins are well taken care of, use fresh inhibitors each time. When managing protein extraction, the most important thing is getting the bio reagents, chemicals and buffers right! If you handle this well, you’re guaranteed great results. At Boston BioProducts, our aim is to increase the productivity of our customers by providing them with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Please feel free to browse through our product range.

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