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Method: Prepared in 18.2 megohms-cm ± 1 water and sterile filtered through 0.22-micron filter.
Synonym: PBS
Storage: Room Temp.
pH: 7.4 ± 0.15
pH Tolerance: 0.15

Our sterile Phosphate Buffered Saline is ideal for general lab use where sterile reagents are required such as immunohistochemistry,  PCR/qPCR, western blotting and more! Our sterile Phosphate Buffered Saline is also ideal for a number of kits, for dilution and for resuspension of important experimental products. Since we are dedicated to making reliable buffers we take great care with our measuring, filtering and pH balancing so you can be reassured that our sterile Phosphate Buffered Saline is the same every time. Scroll down to find out more.

Component NameCASMolecular WeightConcentration
Sodium Phosphate Dibasic 7558-79-4 141.96 10.1 mM
Potassium Phosphate Monobasic 7778-77-0 136.09 1.76 mM
Potassium Chloride 7447-40-7 74.55 2.7 mM
Sodium Chloride 7647-14-5 58.44 137 mM
Water 7732-18-5 18.02 Rest

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