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Boston BioProducts offers a variety of research and assay development services.

1. Protein research: expression, purification, and conjugation

Bacterial culture Bio-conjugation Biotinylation
Protein purification SDS-PAGE & Western Blot Protein digestion
Protein stability Protein formulation Dye conjugation


2. Cell biology

Cell & tissue culture Transient & stable transfection Compound screening
Cell viability Cell proliferation Cell toxicity


3. Molecular biology

DNA isolation & purification RNA isolation & purification PCR
qPCR Nucleic acid stability Nucleic acid characterization


4. Quality and contamination testing

DNAse testing RNAse testing Endotoxin testing


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  • Our company has had an excellent customer service and purchasing experience with Boston BioProducts over the past several years. BBP has always provided us with competitively priced media and buffers without compromising quality. In fact, we've found it cost-effective for our lab to purchase most of our media and buffers from BBP, rather than making them in-house. Once we started using their products, the savings were realized almost immediately, allowing us better utilization of our resources.

    Boston BioProducts can support our associates' needs for both standard off-the-shelf media and buffers, and custom products to meet our specific parameters, without any difficulties or delays. They understand the challenges in our drug discovery efforts, and offer technical support only a phone call away. Their standard media and buffers are delivered in 1 day and the custom ones within 2-3 days of ordering.

    We have found Boston BioProducts to be a valuable resource and a partner who truly cares about our company's success. We can't recommend this firm highly enough!

    Lee Adams
    Scholar Rock
  • The quality of the custom products has been always excellent. The turnaround time to receive the products has always been much shorter than the competitors. I'll keep ordering from Boston Bioproducts for sure.

    Intellia Therapeutics
  • We regularly purchase buffers and reagents from Boston BioProducts. We are very happy with their great quality. Recently we also started to order custom made buffers from them. Using premade buffers from Boston BioProducts not only helps us save a lot of precious time, but also helps us get more reproducible results. I trust Boston BioProducts and I highly recommend them.

    Boston Children's Hospital

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