LB-AGAR Kanamycin (50 ug/ml)


Composition 1% Tryptone, 0.5% yeast extract, 1% NaCl and 1.5% Agar. All the ingredients were dissolved in deionized water, pH was adjusted to 7.0 ± 0.2 and autoclaved at 15 psi, 121 degree Celsius for 30 min on liquid cycle. Following autoclaving the medium was cooled down to 50 to 55 degree Celsius before adding kanamycin (50 ug/ml). Store at 2-8 degree Celsius.
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Storage 2-8 degree C.
Grade Molecular biology grade.
Appearance Soft grayish texture.
pH Not applicable.
Method Agar is mixed with LB-medium, followed by melting with autoclaving at15 PSI for 60 min, cooled to 52-50 degree C, mixed with or without antibiotics, poured onto petri-plates and let polymerized and dry under sterile aseptic condition.
Properties Boston BioProducts' LB Agar plates are manufactured under stringent possible condition with the supervision of BBP scientists and support persons.
Application This product is ideally suited for monitoring bacterial/microbial growth under nutrient-supplemented solidified platform.
Quality Control The process for this product includes clear solution of ingredient and operation under sterile aseptic condition.
Specification Boston BioProducts certifies that this product was inspected at all levels during its manufacturing, testing, and storage processes. The product conforms to all the specifications enlisted.

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