Enterococcosel Agar Plates with vancomycin ( Vancomycin 20 micro gram/ml)


Composition Tryptone (17.0 g/L), Esculin (1.0 g/L), Peptone (3.0 g/L), Ox Bile (10.0 g/L), Ferric ammonium citrate (0.5 g/L), Yeast Extract (5.0 g/L), Sodium azide (0.15 g/L), Sodium chloride (5.0 g/L), Bateriological Agar (15.0 g/L) and vancomysin ( 20 ug/L). All the components for the Enterococcosel Agar Plates (except vancomycin) were mixed thoroughly in 1 L of purified water, followed by frequent agitation and boiling for 1 minute to completely dissolve the powder. Sterilized by autoclaving at 15 psi pressure (121 degree Celsius) for 15 minutes. After autoclaving, the media was cooled down to 50 to 55  degree Celsius.  Vancomycin was added to Enterococcosel Agar and poured into 100 mm petri-dishes under sterile conditions. store at 2-8 degree Celsius.
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